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VW Irish Dancing 2018-19 Registration Form
Dancer Name
Dancer Date of Birth
Dancer Address
Dancers Parent/Guardian Names
Parent/Guardian Contact Numbers
Name and Address of Doctor
Any Medical Conditions to be made Aware of
Dance Classes that will be attended
Both Classes
How would you like to receive your monthly invoice?
Invoice by Paypal
Invoice to be Emailed
Email Address for Invoices & Newsletters to be sent to
Please confirm that you acknowledge all elected lessons are to be paid for by the 7th of the month and any changes to classes require a months notice as per the T's & C's Below
Please confirm how you would like to pay your 2017-18 Registration Fee
Emailed Invoice
Paypal Invoice
Cash in Envelope in Class
Permission for Images to be displayed of your dancer on the VW Irish Dancing website, Facebook and Instgram
VWID Terms & Conditions

All elected lessons must be paid for by the 7th of every month. 

If you elect for 1 lesson per week and are unable to attend you may attend the alternate lesson that week.

Invoices can be amended for Annual Holidays only and VWID must be informed before that months invoice is produced. Holiday Requests must be emailed to admin@vwirishdancing.co.uk.  Anyone who wishes to change the amount of classes needs to give one months notice and if you wish to leave VWID one months notice must also be given. 

The Annual VWID Registration Fees which cover Insurance Contributions should be paid by the end of September 2019 at the latest.  If a dancer starts after September 2018 the Registration fee  should be paid within a month of registering.  £10 per dancer. £7.50 for siblings.

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